Toll Free Number Provider


IVRS and Toll Free Number starting with (1800 /1860) combined together provides a robust, integrated and scalable IVR Solution. It save costs by providing ROI in the minimum possible time span helps organisation to provide better service to their callers besides establishing brand identity.

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Build Brand Identity

1800 / 1860 Toll Free numbers are free for callers to dial but paid by the called party i.e. the business hosting this number. More customers can approach you regarding sales, customer service, information, feedback, survey, payment or booking confirmation, delivery status etc purposes.

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IVRS + Toll Free Number

We will connect IVR system with your Toll Free Number that interacts with the incoming caller & disseminates information to the caller. Call flow, supported IVR languages and prompt scripts will be provided by you. Every Toll Free set will require IVR System embeded into it.

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We have awesome tools to grow your business

Try us once & we are sure, you will be amazed with our service delivery, scalability, technical insightfulness & customer support.

Online panel with dashboard

Track live calls, see real-time call logs, statistics on dashboard. Live call transfer facility and 99.99% uptime are main features. With live call transfer, your staff can refer customers to other staff without disconnecting the call.

Call recording & IVR menu

Record all your IVR calls on a secured cloud for quality and training purpose. Welcome your customers with predefined messages and route them using correct IVR options.

CRM integration & Toll Free Number

See your customer past call details on screen as and when they call you. Integrate our services by setting up Toll Free Number or Mobile Number of your choice.

Data Analytics using reports

Analyse & use data for better decision making. Call insights with daily, weekly, and monthly reports available for data-driven decisions.

Our cloud server allows remote working

With our cloud-based portable IVR number your support teams can work from anywhere with just mobile connectivity. Ease of doing business.

Level up employees' productivity

With smart IVR menu, a big chunk of customer queries can be handled with automation. IVR enables small support teams to handle large numbers of customer calls by smartly routing calls to the right person in the right department.