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About 123eWorld.Com

The promoters of 123eWorld.Com have a wide ranging experience of more than 6 years in online advertising, search engine marketing, and promotions through new media technologies. We have expertise in utilizing the emerging technologies like mobile & internet for communication processes, business organization, branding & marketing. Our highly qualified technical facilities are fully geared to provide uninterrupted service support. Through this website we provide you with a platform through which a user can avail many SMS related services like push sms, pull-push sms (two-way SMS), Single and Bulk SMS messaging, Instant SMS Delivery, Scheduled Delivery, SMS with Sender ID, Long Code (10-digit Number), SMS Short Code (4-digit No.Keywords), Bulk Messaging Platform, SMS Marketing, SMS Applications.
 As our business policy, we are committed to provide best solutions at cheapest rates and with best services and after sales support.

We provide you with easy-to-use bulk sms communication tool which helps you to send bulk sms to multiple users at a single stroke. SMS alerts are now used as a new generation communication technique and as the most effective marketing tool. Send SMS to thousands of contacts at a single click. We are among the leaders in providing effective, efficient and responsive two-way SMS, text messaging software applications using desktop tools.

We have extensive coverage to India and over 480 networks in 182 countries. Our Bulk SMS Platform (MT) allows our customers to send out information by using interfaces as Web interface, HTTP, SMPP and SMTP. This is a Mobile Termination (MT) system that allows a single message to terminate to multiple mobile phones anywhere in the world. Our SMS gateways have features like Dynamic Sender ID, Scheduled sms, Least Cost routing, 2-way sms, Customized Sender Id, Arabic/Unicode/Binary/Wap Push etc connect to multiple operators from around the world which helps ensure the fast, reliable and qualitative delivery of messages with our scalable infrastructure.

We have direct access to 7 SMSCs worldwide to ensure Least Cost Routing, Maximum Coverage and Backup.


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